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Subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) courses for creating new chemistry and physics teachers: do they work?

Issue: June 2014 353

Author: Richard Tynan, Andrea Mallaburn, Robert Bryn Jones and Ken Clays

Extract: Course documentation was used to evaluate the impact of an SKE course in chemistry and physics during the 2011–2012 academic year.

The early-career development of science teachers from initial training onwards: the advantages of a multifaceted five-year programme

Issue: June 2014 353

Author: Julian Clarke, Sue Howarth, Chris King, John Perry, Maarten Tas, John Twidle, Adrian Warhurst and Caro Garrett

Extract: The routes by which trainee teachers, and those in the early stages of their career, can progress to become outstanding science teachers are considered and a five-year plan proposed.

Shake it all about! Using earthquake science to enhance geology and physics teaching in the UK

Issue: June 2014 353

Author: Phillip Murphy and Elizabeth Murphy

Extract: A joint school and university programme in the Yorkshire and Humberside region through which seismometers were deployed in local schools to promote interest in geology and physics.

Shape is as important as size: roundness and the science of measurement

Issue: June 2014 353

Author: Christopher J. Sangwin

Extract: What criteria would you use to judge a freehand circle-drawing competition? This article describes assessment of geometric shape and some geometry which led to the recent reassessment of the standard engineering testing procedures.

Catching the tide: a review of tidal energy systems

Issue: June 2014 353

Author: Frank Harris

Extract: A description of tidal energy systems together with a consideration of their advantages and disadvantages.


Issue: June 2014 353

Extract: 129 The Handy Chemistry Answer Book Ian C. Stewart and Justin P. Lomont 129 Spark from the Deep William J. Turkel 130 Scientific Argumentation in Biology: 30 Classroom Activities Victor Sampson and Sharon Schleigh 130 Success with STEM: Ideas for the Classroom, STEM Clubs and Beyond Sue Howarth and Linda Scott 131 Exemplary College Science Teaching Ed. Robert E. Yager 132 Debates in Science Education Ed. Mike Watts 132 Educake for GCSE Science Educake 133 Reviewers

Science app reviews: Apps outdoors!

Issue: June 2014 353

Author: Emily Baker

Extract: The best tips and trick for using apps for outdoor learning. Why use app? Which ones? What are the hardware logistics and privacy concerns? Measuring, identification and presenting applications are reviewed.

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Issue: June 2014 353

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Issue: June 2014 353

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