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Using mathematics in science: working with your mathematics department

Issue: November 2014 355

Author: Steve Lyon

Extract: How science and mathematics departments can work together more effectively, and case studies from five different schools.

The Great Guppy Experiment: a recipe for integrated biology

Issue: November 2014 355

Author: Auke Cuiper

Extract: The study of this small fish can be used to illustrate changes in successive generations and provide an understanding of evolution through practical observation.

On the crest of a wave: a review of wave power technology

Issue: November 2014 355

Author: Frank Harris

Extract: Wave power is continually available around our shores but remains an untapped resource on the commercial scale; this article provides an overview of various designs.

Carbon dioxide and global warming: a failed experiment

Issue: November 2014 355

Author: Carla Ribeiro

Extract: An experiment intended to simulate the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide, although similar to other experiments already published, was unsuccessful.

Action research on ‘visible learning’ in science

Issue: November 2014 355

Author: David Paterson

Extract: Some of the core ideas of ‘visible learning’ were trialled and evaluated with a GCSE chemistry class, and significant gains in attainment, confidence and independence in learning were seen.

‘It’s still science but not like normal science’: girls’ responses to the teaching of socio-scientific issues

Issue: November 2014 355

Author: Helen Morris

Extract: How do girls respond to the inclusion of the issues of climate change, prenatal genetic tests or nuclear power in science lessons?

A tool for adopting a different perspective on classroom observation and feedback on science lessons

Issue: November 2014 355

Author: Lyn Haynes

Extract: A structure to provide feedback on lesson observation using four standpoints, including the teachers themselves and the students in the class


Issue: November 2014 355

Science app reviews

Issue: November 2014 355

Science websearch

Issue: November 2014 355

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