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Biology teachers’ beliefs about biotechnology and biotechnology education in Sri Lanka

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Mohamed C. M. Zakeel, Mohamed I. S. Safeena and Faiz M. M. T. Marikar

Extract: How teachers’ knowledge and attitudes affect their views on biotechnology education.

Exploring how marine fish are adapted to their habitat: a successful journey

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Cláudia Faria and Raquel Gaspar

Extract: A hands-on activity about fish adaptation using two experimental tasks following a visit to a fish market.

Past examination questions in senior secondary chemistry: from written practice to hands-on experiments

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Cheuk-Fai Chow, Wing-Mui Winnie So and Tsz-Yan Cheung

Extract: Using hands-on experiments sourced from past examination papers to improve students’ understanding of chemistry topics.

The ladder against the wall revisited

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Iain MacInnes and John Huxtable

Extract: Studying the case where the coefficient of friction has the same value at the two contacting surfaces.

STEM: not for people like me?

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Averil Macdonald

Extract: Considering how to encourage all groups of students to enjoy studying STEM subjects and take up STEM-based careers.

Improving 15-year-old students’ science attainment by raising their science literacy

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Colin Adamson

Extract: An action research project found that a focus on science literacy improved science attainment.

Changes in Korean teachers after participating in a research internship in university research laboratories

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Myeong-Kyeong Shin and George Glasson

Extract: Enhancing teacher CPD through opportunities to work in university research.

Guiding principles for a vertical teaching of energy

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Ricardo Trumper

Extract: Gently building up knowledge and understanding in this topic, which pervades all areas of science.

Topics in Safety – Topic 2: Teaching health and safety through science

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: ASE Health and Safety Group

Extract: How teachers can use opportunities in science to teach students about health and safety in everyday life as well as how to do practical work safely.


Issue: March 2016 360

Extract: 128 Chemistry in 100 Numbers: A Numerical Guide to Facts, Formulas and Theories Joel Levy 128 Physics in 100 Numbers: A Numerical Guide to Facts, Formulas and Theories Colin Stuart 129 Seven Brief Lessons on Physics Carlo Rovelli 129 Rays’ Awareness: Radiation Health Effects Made Easy with Professor Dee and Doctor Hay K. H. Chadwick 130 Earth Science Success: 55 Tablet-Ready, Notebook-Based Lessons Catherine Oates- Bockenstedt and Michael Oates 131 The Puzzle Universe: A History of Mathematics in 315 Puzzles Ivan Moscovich 131 Reimagining the Science Department Wayne Melville, Doug Jones and Todd Campbell 132 Equipment review: Vernier Motion Encoder System 132 Reviewers

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