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Theme editorial: Practical work II

Issue: September 2015 358

Author: Michael Reiss

Rockets and dragsters: encouraging practical work through continuing professional development

Issue: September 2015 358

Author: Gary Williams, Mariana Salgueiro and Eric Coombes An initiative from the Institute of Physics in which participants are helped to develop understanding by constructing and launching model rockets and racing cars.

Research science in schools: an insight into the student experience in biomedical science and particle physics

Issue: September 2015 358

Author: Dave Colthurst, Maddy Kent, Ruvimbo Mauchaza, Tharindi Senasinghe, Guy Sparkes, Filip Vasilijevic, Becky Parker, Ellerey Ireland, Saskia Jameson Bibb, Fleur Pomeroy, Anna Evans, Caitlin Cooke and Oleg Gorecan An account of off-timetable days in which small groups of students work on projects with the aid of older students, while more advanced projects are supported by visiting staff from university

Plants: an ideal living material for teaching science

Issue: September 2015 358

Author: Dan Jenkins Encouraging students in the continuing care of plants is used as a method of enriching and extending knowledge in biology.

Innovation in out-of-school science

Issue: September 2015 358

Author: Justin Dillon Enriching school science through field trips, science centres and botanic gardens, and other examples of experience beyond the school walls

The role of practicals in science museums

Issue: September 2015 358

Author: Kenny Webster No longer dominated by delicate and dusty collections of specimens in glass cabinets, modern science museums offer many opportunities for interactive learning

What can you learn about science in a natural history museum?

Issue: September 2015 358

Author: Martin Lawrence and Abigail Tinkler Featuring the London Natural History Museum and showing how its galleries are continuing to evolve from displays of known science to research-based areas for display and education.

University museums: a space for inquiry

Issue: September 2015 358

Author: Dean Veall Far from being an isolated and static environment, a museum in a university should offer opportunities for everyone to learn about science within and beyond its walls

The oak processionary moth: from London parks into biology classrooms

Issue: September 2015 358

Author: Melissa Glackin, Susan Leigh, Gillian Jonusas and Jo Mercer Offering opportunities to follow the effects of an invasive species on native trees and the work involved in the necessary pest control

The characteristics of homeostasis: a new perspective on teaching a fundamental principle in biology

Issue: September 2015 358

Author: Sara Klein and Michal Zion How do we teach students to understand and elaborate a fundamental biology principle? This article concerns homeostasis and suggests a strategy for teaching the principle.

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