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Issue: June 2016 361

Special Issues

Issue: June 2016 361

Contents and Editorial

Issue: March 2016 360

Science Note: Organic chemistry and orbitals: SN2 mechanism and condensation in acyl chlorides

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Christopher Talbot

Science Note:A simple physical model to demonstrate red and blue shift

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Rebecca Wainwright

Science Note: Helpdesk

Issue: March 2016 360

Theme editorial: Mathematics in science

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Richard Needham

Extract: Mathematics in science has been given greater prominence in recent curriculum and specification changes. Yet teachers have long been concerned about the difficulties their students experience when transferring what they learn in their mathematics lessons into the science classroom.

The language of mathematics in science

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Richard Boohan

Extract: The Language of Mathematics in Science is an ASE project supported by the Nuffield Foundation that aims to support teachers of 11-16 science in the use of mathematical ideas in the science curriculum.

A concept map for understanding ‘working scientifically’

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Philip Johnson and Ros Roberts

Extract: What is the ‘thinking behind the doing’ of ‘Working scientifically’? A concept map showing the interrelated ideas and how they impact on the difficulty of an investigation is described

Teaching statistics in post-16 biology

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Neil Millar

Extract: Current methods of teaching and using statistics are outdated and unhelpful; changes need to be made if students are to succeed in modern biology

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