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Palaeomagnetism or palaeomagic? Misconceptions about rock magnetism

Issue: September 2016 362

Author: Phil Murphy

Extract: The study and understanding of paleomagnetism has been pivotal in the development of the theory of plate tectonics. When it is taught in schools there are a number possible misconceptions that need to be addressed. This article attempts to provide an explanation of rock magnetism as well as strategies to avoid reinforcing some commonly identified misconceptions.

Impact of changes to practical assessment at GCSE and A-level: the start of a longitudinal study by OCR

Issue: September 2016 362

Author: Frances Wilson, Neil Wade and Steve Evans

Extract: As part of a wider qualification reform at upper secondary level in England, the assessment of practical work is changing, following concerns that the legacy model of assessment was having a negative impact on teaching and learning. The OCR examination board is running a longitudinal survey of teachers’ views on practical work, focusing on the purpose of practical science, the type and quantity of practical science undertaken, challenges associated with practical work, and the impact on assessment. This article introduces the study and presents some initial baseline findings from the year before the reforms were introduced.


Issue: September 2016 362

Author: Reviews published in School Science Review are the opinions of individual reviewers, and are not an official Association for Science Education (ASE) view or endorsement of the resource.

Extract: Publications: - A Little Book About BIG Chemistry: The Story of Man-Made Polymers by Jim Massy - Smart Essentials: The Student Guide to Literacy in Science by W. Haywood and K. Mawson - Student Lab Manual for Argument-Driven Inquiry in Biology: Lab Investigations for Grades 9–12 by V. Sampson, P. Enderle, L. Gleim, J. Grooms, M. Hester, S. Southerland and K. Wilson - Responsive Teaching in Science and Mathematics by Ed. Amy Robertson, Rachel Scherr and David Hammer - A Generation of Radical Educational Change: Stories From the Field Ed. by Richard Pring and Martin Roberts Science App Review: - Sea Hero Quest from Glitchers Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. Free

Science websearch

Issue: September 2016 362

Author: Please send details of any websites you have found or produced to the Science websearch editor, Sarah Sephton: We would also be interested in hearing about how you have used websites that have appeared in Science websearch in your educational setting.

Extract: ScienceMag The Guardian: Chemistry National Physical Laboratory: Science lectures Future Learn The Physics Classroom Barclays Life Skills: Digital tools for educators Chem1 virtual textbook Médecins Sans Frontières: A-level Biology resources

Contents and Editorial

Issue: June 2016 361

Author: Geoff Auty, Editor, School Science Review

Extract: With no theme in this edition, we have the opportunity to feature a very mixed range of articles from Britain and around the world, all submitted with the attitude of ‘let me share this idea’.

Science Note: Bringing Joule back to school

Issue: June 2016 361

Author: Yaron Lehavi, Amit Yosovich and Shilo Barak

The Wheatstone bridge – revisited

Issue: June 2016 361

Author: Iain MacInnes


Issue: June 2016 361

Making research fly in schools: Drosophila as a powerful modern tool for teaching biology

Issue: June 2016 361

Author: Jennifer Harbottle, Patrick Strangward, Catherine Alnuamaani, Surita Lawes, Sanjai Patel and Andreas Prokop

Extract: An account of workshops presented to schools by research students which can enhance experiences in practical biology.

A classroom-based study of the use of a rich-task in year 12 chemistry topromote independent learning and student motivation

Issue: June 2016 361

Author: Ellen Leggate

Extract: Lesson study was used to investigate the teaching and learning of an organic reaction mechanism by means of a rich-task approach, and to engage teachers in the research process.

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