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Mathematics and the pH scale

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Dorothy Warren

Extract: This article outlines how students’ understanding of the pH scale is enhanced by an understanding of the underlying mathematical concepts.

Promoting the understanding of mathematics in physics at secondary level

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Alaric Thompson

Extract: Developing an understanding of the processes and language of mathematics leads to improved understanding of the relationships between variables and quantities.

The formula triangle and other problems with procedural teaching in mathematics

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Ed Southall

Extract: Quick and simple rules for performing calculations should only be used after the underlying concepts have been taught.

Mathematical input into secondary science continuing professional development (CPD)

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Steve Lyon

Extract: Experiences of running mathematics professional development courses for science teachers shows a need for shared resources and approaches.

Does intelligent life exist beyond our planet? An exercise in estimation and problem solving

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Andy Bullough

Extract: Handling very large and very small numbers can offer an entertaining use of computers and calculators.

Biology teachers’ beliefs about biotechnology and biotechnology education in Sri Lanka

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Mohamed C. M. Zakeel, Mohamed I. S. Safeena and Faiz M. M. T. Marikar

Extract: How teachers’ knowledge and attitudes affect their views on biotechnology education.

Exploring how marine fish are adapted to their habitat: a successful journey

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Cláudia Faria and Raquel Gaspar

Extract: A hands-on activity about fish adaptation using two experimental tasks following a visit to a fish market.

Past examination questions in senior secondary chemistry: from written practice to hands-on experiments

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Cheuk-Fai Chow, Wing-Mui Winnie So and Tsz-Yan Cheung

Extract: Using hands-on experiments sourced from past examination papers to improve students’ understanding of chemistry topics.

The ladder against the wall revisited

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Iain MacInnes and John Huxtable

Extract: Studying the case where the coefficient of friction has the same value at the two contacting surfaces.

STEM: not for people like me?

Issue: March 2016 360

Author: Averil Macdonald

Extract: Considering how to encourage all groups of students to enjoy studying STEM subjects and take up STEM-based careers.

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