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If we could plan the next 10 years in science education...

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Warwick Mansell

Extract: A reflection on two sessions at the summer conference at which teachers had an opportunity to propose the future direction of education in science.

Science – are we world class?

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Harriet Weaving and Gillian Whitehouse

Extract: A comparison of surveys on performance in science and mathematics.

‘Amazing Planet – action-packed science’

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Elizabeth Devon, Peter Kennett and Chris King

Extract: A dynamic, interactive presentation of practical activities in Earth science

Differentiated enquiry

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Tony Sherborne

Extract: A curriculum approach for success with GCSE, Ofsted and fostering independent learners.

Embedding assessment to improve learning

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Mary Whitehouse

Extract: Planning teaching so that assessment is progressive and expectations from students have clear targets from the start.

How schools are using action research on practical work, new technologies and research and development to improve student outcomes

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Carol Davenport with Ali Redmore, Mary Rees, Matt Hamilton, David Struthers, Jules Gordon, Sarah Torrance and Julie Jordan

Extract: A set of different presentations with the same aims.

Outdoor learning and sustainability education

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Margaret Fleming and Richard Dawson

Extract: Two ways of introducing sustainable development into science lessons.

Supporting Scotland’s STEM education and culture

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Stuart Farmer

Extract: A summary of the education system in Scotland now and in the future with particular regard to science.

Turning a programme of study into an engaging scheme of learning: whose job was it to bring the sparklers to the party?

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Ed Walsh

Extract: We are seeing the evolution of a new structure for education, but who has responsibility for the details?

Teaching science with mobile technology

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Richard Needham

Extract: A brief look at some of the many apps now available, and how to use them in class.

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