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Science Leaders' Survival Guide issues released in 2014

Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 7Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 7

This edited and reviewed resource, written by fellow professionals, offers advice through 'How to....guides' on all aspects of running a science department. Collated edition of all 6 sections of the ASE Science Leaders' Survival Guide (part of the Science Leaders' Hub).

Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 1Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 1

Departmental self-evaluation

How well is your department performing now and where do you want it to be? This section includes advice on how to monitor your department effectively and use the evidence gathered to plan actions to move your department forward.

Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 2Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 2


How are resources and finances of your department managed? This section includes support on how to prioritise effectively to make the best use of the resources and finances available today, as well as how to plan for future development (including the design of new labs).

Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 3Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 3

Health and safety

Do misconceptions of health and safety issues create a barrier to science teaching in your department? The advice in this section (from ASE Safeguards Committee) should ensure that practical science flourishes in your department with colleagues and students able to assess risks appropriately and thus work in a safe manner.

Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 4Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 4

Working with colleagues

What is your vision for your department? This section offers support in how to develop your team, from CPD for existing members to the recruitment of new staff (including the essential technician team).

Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 5Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 5


How do your decisions affect individual students both in their attitude to learning and their achievement? This section includes advice on how to identify and remove barriers to student learning and on essential communication with both students and their parents/carers.

Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 6Science Leaders' Survival Guide - 6

Teaching and learning

How are you leading teaching and learning in your department? This section includes a wealth of advice ranging from how to revise schemes of work to ways of enriching the science curriculum. Please note that in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing educational landscape, the most up-to-date support for ASE members will be uploaded on the Share and Adapt area.