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Science Advisors - NAIGS Membership

What is NAIGS?

NAIGS (National Advisers and Inspectors Group for Science) is the subject group for Science Inspectors, Advisers and Consultants. The group's role is to provide continuing updating of information and developments in science, professional development and networking opportunities for its members. Due to the nature of this level of membership, NAIGS members also have close links with schools in all phases to support and advise staff on all issues relating to science education. We also liaise with Ofsted, and the DfE, meeting with their representatives formally once a year and informally on many other occasions to discuss science issues. 

There are two type of NAIGS membership, Primary and 11-19.

  • NAIGS Primary membership - £106 a year
  • NAIGS 11-19 membership - £161 a year


  • Joining ASE as a Science Advisor you also become a Member of the special interest group National Advisors and Inspectors Group for Science (NAIGS).
  • NAIGs members are the only category of membership permitted to attend the specialist NAIGs annual conference.
  • Science Teacher Education, three electronic issues per year. A professional ASE journal for all concerned with the pre-service education, induction and professional development of science teachers. 
  • Special member’s price on all ASE books. 
  • Special member’s rates at ASE conferences and events
  • ASE discounted rate for subscription to New Scientist and Nature magazine.

How to join?

To pay by debit or credit card:

Iif you wish to pay via cheque or direct debit, simply download our membership form, choose the appropriate option and send the completed form in the post (please note that we need your signature to implement Direct Debit payments):