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11-19 Group Membership – all the ASE benefits for less!

About 11-19 Group Membership

Receive a 20% discount when 4 or more join! 

Do you and you colleague teach students from the ages of 11-19? ASE offers a discounted 11-19 membership plan for science departments in schools and colleges. A staff group of 4 or more may join as ASE members and request that their institution co-ordinates and pays for the group's membership plan.

How to qualify?

To qualify for the special price your Group Membership Plan must include a minimum of 4 memberships ( at least 3 need to be 11-19 memberships, the 4th can be for a technician or teaching assistant). All Group Membership Plans recieve a 20% discount.

Each group member will have the same benefits as an individual member of their category (11-19, technician or teaching assistant). You can see the full list of benefits available to members here.

Important note payment needs to be made through the Group’s employer who will also be responsible for keeping their group list up to date and informing us of any changes.

Terms and conditions

All the individuals within a Group Membership Plan will share the same membership start date. A Group may add new members to their Group Plan at any time and each additional membership will also attract a 20% discount. The start date for each membership added to an existing Group Plan will be backdated to the start date of that Group Plan; the new member will receive the back issues of journals that were made available through that Group Plan before they joined.

Most Group Plans will include both existing and new members. When existing members join a Group Plan their individual membership will cease and they will receive a refund of the personal payments they have made. The refunds will be as follows: within the first 3 months of their membership-year 75% of the price they paid for individual membership will be refunded; within the first 6 months, 50%; within 9 months, 25%; within months 10-12 no refund will be made

The same formula will be applied to those that have paid by direct debit once the DD has been stopped. For those paying by monthly DD the mandate will simply be cancelled and no refund will be necessary.

The Group Membership Plan discount may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

How much could my colleagues and I save?

Examples of Group plans:

  • An individual 11-19 membership costs £89 and for a technician £37.
  • 4 Individual 11-19 memberships would normally cost 4 x £89 = £356. With the new Group Plan this will fall to £284.80 – a saving of £71.20
  • Six 11-19 Memberships would cost £534 but with the 20% discount will now cost only £427.20.
  • A ten-teacher Group Plan now offers a potential saving of £178. Add in 5 technician memberships to the Group and the total cost is only £860 instead of £1075.

For a quotation for your proposed Group Plan contact