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#ASEchat 114 Teaching research skills 19 August 2013 with @cleverfiend

After a mix up with the poll our moderator decided the topic would be teaching research skills.  Participants noted that the skills have to be taught explicitly if you want students to have good research skills.  Several members (including @NeedhamL56) pointed out that there are some useful materials for teaching research skills within the level 6 materials.


  • @Monkeyofscience has an independent learning zone with books (for which many students can’t use an index!)
  • @viciascience suggested a progression route starting with a single article before expanding onto more open research
  • @cleverfiend suggested Google Custom Search to restrict searches to only specified sites
  • @ljrn42 suggested a fake Wikipedia entry to help students see the problems with relying on this one repository of information.
  • @ljrn42 and @cleverfiend wondered how to make information more accessible to students so they could pick out what they need
  • Jk_graves pointed out that skimming text and selecting useful evidence is an important skill to be teaching.
  • @NeedhamL56 said that a simple task could be giving an article with title removed and students to come up with a title of their own
  • @viciascience said that teaching reliability of sources is a useful activity
  • @viciascience suggested that we teach students how to research authors so they can check the reliability of sources
  • Monkeyofscience wondered if anyone taught students how to use a search engine correctly/usefully
  • Ljrn42 gets students to summarise articles in 50/75 words
  • The discussion turned to students writing a tweet to summarise but keeping within 140 characters is difficult without a template

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