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#ASEchat 123 Part 2 What would make the ultimate science textbook?

What would make the ultimate science textbook?

So what is a science textbook? Who is the intended audience? What is the intended purpose? The wide-ranging discussion aired plenty of views and nostalgic moments about texts that have influenced chatters in the past. There was also a hint of what the future holds – interactive animations, QR codes and video clips can be inserted into ebooks now. The top tweets listed below have been chosen to illustrate the range of views, but the main point of agreement was the need to move away from student textbooks that are written to address a single specification. Changes to the examination system (linearity) and curriculum change are providing an opportunity for change. 

Top tweets 

@Tracy_Tyrrell - As far as Primary science is concerned - no textbook would be by far preferable 

@damianainscough - I think we should have a double page spread for each lesson. (you know I'm lying) 

@JonScott46 - LOVE Thinking Through Science_but also nutty about CASE so it follows 

@stanothermic - Didn't vote but isn't trying to put science in a textbook like trying to dress an octopus in a string vest? Hard and worse for it. 

@hrogerson - For those who teach edexcel physics, I much prefer the blue textbook to the red one. More questions and thought provoking. 

@hrogerson - The textbook I would take to my desert island is 'practice in physics'. I wish they would do more versions. 

@JonScott46 -  that's why the For You series are brilliant. Met with publishers and they call them the 'subject bibles' 


@A_Weatherall - I'm old school. I think textbooks should look like Edward Tufted designed them Seen some shocking layouts. 

@damianainscough - Is this a textbook? 

A_Weatherall - the ultimate Physics Textbook. Lectures in Physics by Richard Feynman. Vol 1 now free