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#ASEchat 125 How do you teach Genetics? 5 November 2013

#ASEchat *Subject Special* 05 November 2013

How do you teach genetics? with @agittner

Initial conversation was on introducing the topic to younger students as it now appears in the revised NC in the KS2 currciulum.  Lots of concrete ideas using familiar situations were suggested. Good tweets on this topic included:

  • @Lab_13Irchester: I've used "DNA Sticks" to introduce to KS1. Multilink bricks of diff colours to represent different genes....
  • @Ange_K1:  Matching famous kids to their parents, and coming up with why they look similar #asechat
  • @Bio_Kimbo I talk to them about the words describe and explain. I ask them to describe my face and then explain why it looks that way.
  • Modelling was popular with all ages.
  • Marshamllow reebops were cited by many
  • @gregtheseal  I've used with KS4 & 5. A level lot loved them & wanted to keep them!#ASEChat
  • @MrsDrSarah  I have only used them at ks4. you could do it at ks3 but need to simplify
  • As were things like DNA models from jelly babies

There was some discussion on the use of DNA extraction methods which seemed to be used to generate some awe and wonder, as it perhaps doesn’t lead to much in the way of progress on the understanding of genetics.

  • @Lab_13Irchester: DNA Extraction great for a WOW & a start to discussing just how much info can b stored in something so small. #asechat

There were a great many links to resources tweeted some of the tweets are listed here, with links outlined below:

  • @theASE: Science Upd8 has some more genetic lesson plans too #ASEchat
  • @Lab_13Irchester: Love this Superhero Inheritance tried it out on teenage sisters who "don't like science" and they LOVED it! #asechat
  • @ViciaScience: rapid cycling brassica kits from SAPS for genetics experiments #ASEchat
  • @Class_Leading: PTC (Phenylthiocarbamide) really bitter chemical tasted by majority = Dominant allele. Recessive allele = tasteless. #asechat
  • @Class_Leading:...disgusting to those who can taste it. Can be bought soaked into paper. #asechat
  • RT @ejw232: I model heterozygous cross with dom/rec cards for each student - 10 random crosses with partner. Pool Class results = correct ratio #asechat
  • @Mr_D_Cheng: Genetic modification was my favourite thing at uni. Great book for lay people and asechatters alike  #ASEchat

There was some discussion of the order of teaching and the importance of understanding variation, cells etc before teaching genetics but no real agreement. There was also discussion about the position of the topic in the new primary curriculum.

  • new NC statement from @ViciaScience:
  • “recognise living things produce offspring of the same kind, but normally offspring vary and are not identical to their parents” #ASEChat
  • @ViciaScience: PoS for science in KS1-2 from 2014… #ASEchat
  • @Mr_D_Cheng: I try to ignore things that don't make sense. The dfe make this difficult at times! 

There was a brief discussion about common fallacies and pitfalls, that didn’t generate many responses, which surprised me with the difficulty of this topic.

  • @NeedhamL56: boys inherit features fr their dads etc #asechat
  • RT @Lab_13Irchester: that hair cuts are inherited! yes! #asechat albeit in ks1 and lower ks2 

A list of the best links are here

Inspiring STEM event

And worst links