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ASE Elections -the results are in

Fri. 18/07/14

We are delighted to announce the election results for 2014/2015 and give a warn welcome to the new Chair-elect of the Association and newly elected members of ASE's Council, Assembly and Committees.

ASE members talk to Ofqual on GCSE and A level reform

Fri. 04/07/14

Following talks with Ofqual, ASE members discuss the rationale behind assessment reforms and raise questions about science enquiry skills, the use of written examinations to test practical skills and opportunities for extended investigation.

Major report envisages 20 year roadmap for science education

Thu. 26/06/14

ASE welcomes a major report published today that seeks to raise the level of scientific and mathematical skills and knowledge in the UK. The report calls for support for the teaching profession and the requirement for students to study science and maths up until the age of 18.

Creationism taught in science lessons - ASE President Alice Roberts calls for action

Fri. 20/06/14

If you missed it this week, check out BBC2 Newsnight as ASE President, Dr Alice Roberts in an interview with Jeremy Paxman discusses creationism being taught in biology lessons and whether the government should introduce standards for independent schools.

ASE releases statement on the position of practical work in the secondary science curriculum.

Mon. 02/06/14

ASE calls for funding, research and development of more rigorous and valid assessments throughout the 11-19 phases in order to support the practical aspects of science learning.

ASE President launches £10 million Longitude Prize 2014 – Vote to solve one of the greatest scientific challenges of our time

Thu. 22/05/14

ASE President, Prof. Alice Roberts, will be the host of tonight’s Horizon programme on BBC Two to launch the public vote for the challenge that will be the focus of the Longitude Prize 2014. New ASE CEO, Shaun Reason, comments of this exciting new challenge.

Recognising key support for the new primary national curriculum

Wed. 14/05/14

ASE's flagship journal for primary teachers has been sent to all schools across the UK and is available to download now in an effort to support teachers facing an overhaul of the national curriculum from September 2014. The special issue focuses on changes to the new national curriculum and the support available from ASE and key supporters.

Dangers in A-level sciences grading reform highlighted

Wed. 09/04/14

As Ofqual announces the separation of marks for practical science from core A-level grades, concerns raised of subsequent impact on how students’ attainment in science is measured and recorded.

Call for nominations - ASE Elections 2014

Fri. 04/04/14

Get involved with your ASE! Nominate yourself or another member to be ASE's future Chair or a member of ASE's Assembly - a network of science education experts.

ASE welcomes international delegation from Beijing

Thu. 03/04/14

Today the Association for Science Education (ASE) welcomes representatives from the Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST) to the charity’s head offices at the University of Hertfordshire.

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