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ASE launches new registers for teachers and technicians

Mon. 02/04/12

Science teachers' and technicians’ careers have today received a significant boost as the Association for Science Education launches two new professional registers.

Highlights from ASE's Annual Conference

Sat. 07/01/12

THE atmosphere on the third day of the ASE Annual Conference was buzzing with excitment as crowds poured in for another day of inspiring science education talks, workshops and special events.

Key figures at ASE Annual Conference

Fri. 06/01/12

THE second day of the ASE Annual Conference featured talks from a range of influential figures in science education.

New books launched at ASE Annual Conference

Wed. 04/01/12

A series of new books are being launched during the ASE Annual Conference at the University of Liverpool this week from Wednesday 4th January to Saturday 7th January.

Prof Rob Marrs to join Prof Steve Jones in ASE Annual Conference panel discussion

Sun. 01/01/12

Prof Rob Marrs will join outgoing ASE President Prof Steve Jones and Andrew Miller, MP in a panel discussion on fieldwork at the ASE Annual Conference.

David Russell on the National Curriculum Review

Fri. 30/12/11

David Russell, Director of the Curriculum and Behaviour Group at the Department for Education will talk about the latest developments in Science Policy and the National Curriculum Review at the ASE Annual Conference.

Dr Dave Rothery on volcanoes and more at ASE Conference

Tue. 27/12/11

Dr Dave Rothery will give the EARTH ESTA/ESEU Keynote Lecture: Dealing with volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis in broadcast news covering his experiences on BBC, ITN, Sky News, Al Jazeera and Talk Sport, among others.

David James using sport in science at the ASE Conference

Fri. 23/12/11

David James, a senior lecturer in sports engineering at Sheffield Hallam University will give The Nuffield Foundation Lecture: Using sport to educate and enthuse young people about science.

Tim Oates to give OCR Keynote Lecture at ASE Conference

Wed. 21/12/11

Tim Oates, Group Director, Assessment, Research and Development at Cambridge Assessment will give the OCR Keynote Lecture: Just how many STEM graduates do we need?

Sir Mike Tomlinson - Science Learning Centres Keynote Lecture

Mon. 19/12/11

Sir Mike Tomlinson will give the Science Learning Centres Annual Keynote Lecture 'Engaging Science' at the ASE Annual Conference in Liverpool in January 2012.

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