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The future of fieldwork – have your say

Tue. 05/11/13

Fieldwork is an essential part of effective practical work in science and ASE is pleased to support the Field Studies Council’s anniversary event to mark 70 years of inspiring environmental understanding. Join the debate online.

ASE’s voice leads science education policy in 2013

Fri. 01/11/13

Throughout 2013, ASE have spoken out about key science education policy developments in the National Curriculum, qualifications and assessment, school and college workforces, and the school system. All ASE's policy work is informed by our members.

Brian Cartwright HMI joins us for Curriculum Question Time

Tue. 29/10/13

Ask your questions about the new curriculum to a panel of experts, including Brian Cartwright HMI, involved in developing the new Science curriculum. The event takes place at the Institute of Education, London and is free to attend. Limited places available. Book online.

Teaching the history of the universe! Don't miss Dr Francisco Diego at ASE Annual Conference 2014

Mon. 28/10/13

ASE are delighted to announce that popular astronomer, TV presenter and UCL Research fellow, Dr Francisco Diego, will be speaking at the Annual Conference on his new project Think Universe: All is One with science teacher, Shirin Sheikh-Bahai. This project is a novel and simple teaching approach to all natural sciences focusing on selected milestones from the history of the universe!

ASE Members get 20% discounts on Primary Curriculum 2014 events

Thu. 24/10/13

ASE have teamed up with Pearson and Cambridge Primary Review Trust to offer ASE members a fantastic 20% discount on all the upcoming Primary Curriculum 2014 Events.

ASE Member wins prestigious award for research

Tue. 15/10/13

Professor Justin Dillon from King’s College London and an ASE member since 1980, has been recognised for his outstanding contributions to research in environmental education.

Primary assessment and accountability under the new national curriculum

Mon. 14/10/13

ASE responds to Government's consultation on primary assessment and accountability under the new national curriculum. Making recommendations for teacher assessment, national curriculum tests, progress measures and accountability.

Join the debate on the value of practical science

Tue. 17/09/13

The value and effectiveness of practical science has been under discussion on BBC Radio 4’s popular Inside Science programme over recent weeks, including .

ASE Welcome New Chair of the Association

Mon. 16/09/13

Pete Robinson is Chair of the Association for Science Education in 2013/2014. Pete tells us the lessons he has learned from his career as a Teaching and Learning Consultant, what he plans to do over the next year as Chair and what ASE's modus operandi "Excellence in Science Teaching and Learning" means to him

New Science GCSEs are delayed until September 2016

Fri. 06/09/13

ASE support Ofqual announcement today, as teaching of all reformed GCSE subjects is delayed.

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