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Concert with American Star celebrates music and astronomy

Fri. 10/10/14

‘This day has created music worthy of the universe!’ Cameron (aged 14) comments on the performance from Beth Nielsen Chapman of her grammy nominated children's album last night in Daventry. She was accompanied by 60 young musicians in concert. The ASE is delighted to be involved in this unique project jointly celebrating astronomy and music.

Teaching controversial issues - New webinar series 13-17 October

Thu. 09/10/14

Free after-school webinars on evolution and climate change + a primary special running all next week - simply register online. When talking to students about controversial issues, we've always been told to remain neutral, but does this approach work? How do we tackle issues that students might have different opinions about?

What's your favourite science fiction film?

Mon. 06/10/14

In partnership with the BFI, IntoFilm and the Institute of Physics, we're asking science teachers across the UK to tell us their favourite science fiction film. We've listed 30 amazing sci-fi films that we think sum up the best of the genre that can inspire young people to think further about the world around them. Cast your vote before the closing date of October 15 and you could win an iPad Mini. Brian Cox, Michael Sheen and Ralph Fiennes tells us their favourites.

Great Bug Hunt winners continue the search in their school

Fri. 03/10/14

Congratulations to the winner of the Great Bug Hunt 2014 Photography prize is Curry Rivel Primary School. They have won a selection of real life arthropod specimens encased in resin. Determined to continue the bug hunt, they have built a Bug Hotel in their school grounds.

ASE responds to government on how to deliver effective ITE

Wed. 24/09/14

ASE in response to a government’s review of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) in England highlights the key factors for outstanding STEM teaching and the importance of supportive learning communities.

The Language of Mathematics in Science

Tue. 16/09/14

Concerns have often been raised by science teachers that there is not a good level of understanding of the mathematical aspects of science amongst students.

Guidance published for teaching puberty

Thu. 04/09/14

The ASE has jointly worked with the PSHE Association to produce a brief for teachers offering advice on teaching puberty in schools. The briefing provides guidance to schools about their statutory duties to ensure that all children learn about puberty as part of a well rounded PSHE and Science education.

House of Commons discusses practical science in schools

Thu. 04/09/14

There have been a number of concerns and objections to the model put forward by Ofqual for the assessment of practical skills in A level science. In response to these objections the science and technology committee invited a number of organisations, including ASE, to discuss possible alternatives.

Review investigates effective Initial Teacher Training

Wed. 03/09/14

The Government has launched its review of Initial Teacher Training in England. The independent review, led by Sir Andrew Carter will investigate the effective training of the next generation of outstanding teachers. As part of the review, a call for evidence seeking the views of stakeholders has been launched and ASE is asking members to contribute their views.

Meet Chris Harrison - ASE's new Chair

Fri. 01/08/14

Today we welcome the new Chair of the Association, assessment for learning guru and co-author of “Working inside the Black Box” - Chris Harrison. Chris writes about her experience as an ASE member and what she intends to do in her role as Chair of the Association for Science Education.

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