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Prof Steve Jones discussing fieldwork at ASE Annual Conference

23 November 2011

Prof Steve Jones discussing fieldwork at ASE Annual Conference

Outgoing ASE President Professor Steve Jones will take part in a panel discussion on The Future for Fieldwork in Science Education at the ASE’S Annual Conference.

Steve Jones was, until recently, the Head of the Department of Genetics, Environment and Evolution at the University College London, where he has spent the last thirty years as a Lecturer, Reader, and then Professor of Genetics.

Hailing from Aberystwyth, Jones has a BSc and PhD degrees from the University of Edinburgh and a variety of honorary degrees. Much of his research has been concerned with snails and the light they shed on biodiversity and genetics.

He works extensively with the media, both in presenting scientific work and in a more general context. He has appeared on BBC Radio as well as written and presented a long-running Radio 3 series on science and the arts, ‘Blue Skies’ and a six-part TV series on human genetics ‘In the Blood’. In addition, he has written extensively in the press on scientific issues and has a regular column in The Daily Telegraph entitled ‘View from the Lab’.

He is also a prize-winning author on various aspects of biology, especially evolution. Among numerous awards, he has received the Rhone-Poulenc Book Prize (1994) and The Royal Society Faraday Medal for Public Understanding of Science (1997), the BP Natural World Book Prize (2000), The Institute of Biology Charter Medal (2002) and the Linnean Society Tercentenary Medal (2007).

Book your place at the ASE Annual Conference to see Professor Steve Jones on Thursday 5 January from 16.00 to 17.00 in Room B of Building ULR.

Keep visiting this website to find out who will join him for the panel discussion.