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Tim Oates to give OCR Keynote Lecture at ASE Conference

21 December 2011

Tim Oates to give OCR Keynote Lecture at ASE Conference

Tim Oates is Group Director, Assessment, Research and Development at Cambridge Assessment.

He will give the OCR Keynote Lecture: Just how many STEM graduates do we need? Examining the problems of using Higher Education as the principal route into the economy at the ASE Conference in January. OCR are the ASE Annual Conference Gold Partners.

Tim Oates joined Cambridge Assessment in May 2006 to spearhead the rapidly growing Assessment Research and Development division. He was previously at the Qualifications and Curriculum Agency (QCA), where he had been Head of Research and Statistics for most of the last decade.

Tim has produced work which commands national and international respect. His most recent work has been on a new pan-European 8-level qualifications framework. He has advised the UK Government for many years on both practical matters and assessment policy.

He started his career as a research officer at the University of Surrey. He moved to the FE Staff College in 1987 where he helped run the Work-Based Learning project. London University's Institute of Education then appointed him as NCVQ Research Fellow. In 1993 he joined one of the QCA's predecessor bodies, the National Council for Vocational Qualifications, as Head of GNVQ Research and Development. Promotion to Director of Research followed two years later, leading to his current position upon the creation of the QCA.

He has a first from the University of Sussex in Philosophy with Literature and an MA in Philosophy from the same institution.

You can catch his OCR Keynote Lecture on Thursday 5 January at 1400-1500 in Room C of the University Lecture Rooms Building.