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Annette Smith took up the post of Chief Executive at ASE in March 2009 (read Annette's full bio). Her blog features discussions on the latest professional issues for science teachers, event reviews and science education policy. 

Take flight

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Wed. 12/02/14

An inspiring blog by author and primary science specialist, Max de Boo, on how teachers can inspire others in teaching to take flight.

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The role of research in teacher education - BERA RSA inquiry

Wed. 29/01/14

What constitutes good preparation for teaching in our schools? Guest blogger and science education research expert, John Oversby, look at the challenges we face.

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Using PISA wisely - a guest blog from the Chair of ASE's Research Specialist Group

Tue. 03/12/13

What are we to make of the 2012 PISA results recently published? The first report released on 3 Dec has 564 pages, quite a read.

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Would Goldilocks prefer clusters?

Mon. 30/09/13

CEO asks whether the Goldilocks principle of optimum size can be applied to schools and science education

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Sounds of summer

Mon. 22/07/13

ASE Chief Executive, Annette Smith reflects on the outcomes of the ASE Summer Celebration Conference.

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My favourite waste of time…..

Mon. 17/06/13

ASE CEO, Annette Smith asks is homework pointless? Is it of little significance to learning?

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Science teaching, nursing and cat-burgling

Fri. 03/05/13

What do these 3 have in common? ASE CEO blogs about what it means to be a professional this month. Also a quick update on ASE's involvement with SCORE's Resourcing Practical Science reports and the new Safeguards and Publications Specialist Groups.

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The little things that you say and do……

Tue. 26/02/13

The little things that you say and do…… ASE CEO Blog February 2013

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A point of view

Fri. 25/01/13

Guest Blog: I was delighted to receive this reflection on the ASE Annual Conference from a member who hasn’t been well enough to attend for some time. Some will remember Max de Boo MBE for her work with ASE on primary science – my regret is that I didn’t manage to catch up with her in person this time.
- Annette Smith, ASE Chief Executive

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Blogging from Baku

Tue. 08/01/13

I’ve never been to Azerbaijan, so it isn’t fair to say that I am blogging from Baku – however the alliteration was too tempting and, as I write Baku is 35,000 feet below me.

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It may be winter outside…..

Mon. 10/12/12

As the song says - but in my heart it’s spring – not quite as at the ASE we’re in the final stages of preparation for the Annual Conference and as I write, the ASE is precisely 49 years and 11 months old.

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