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Annette Smith took up the post of Chief Executive at ASE in March 2009 (read Annette's full bio). Her blog features discussions on the latest professional issues for science teachers, event reviews and science education policy. 

Take flight

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Wed. 12/02/14

An inspiring blog by author and primary science specialist, Max de Boo, on how teachers can inspire others in teaching to take flight.

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It may be winter outsideā€¦..

Mon. 10/12/12

As the song says - but in my heart it’s spring – not quite as at the ASE we’re in the final stages of preparation for the Annual Conference and as I write, the ASE is precisely 49 years and 11 months old.

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Freeing the mind of anecdote

Thu. 01/11/12

It is one of the great misfortunes for the development of education systems that almost all politicians, political commentators and for that matter, men and women in the street, went to school.

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Amazing brains

Fri. 05/10/12

The business of setting and marking external exams is complex and requires adjustment post the exam sitting, based on what happens in the exam hall.

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False (and true) Friends

Wed. 12/09/12

I spent the Olympics period out of the country, brushing up on my Italian, amongst other things.

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Join the professionals

Wed. 15/08/12

I think my title comes from an advertisement from many years ago to join the military.

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The not so beautiful game and the National Curriculum

Fri. 29/06/12

Following the capitulation of the England team to the inevitable unsuccessful penalty shootout last week, I considered the phrase “political football”.

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Draft Programmes of Study for the new curriculum

Tue. 12/06/12

What can a Skip Garden project offer the draft Programmes of Study for the new curriculum? Read on to find out...

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Courage, trust and loyalty

Wed. 09/05/12

Courage, trust and loyalty, now there’s a stirring title. These words have come to mind recently as I’ve been around and about, so I’d like to explore them here.

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Science education across the pond

Fri. 30/03/12

I didn’t really know what to expect from Indianapolis. I knew about car racing and the Super Bowl, and the only sword swallower of my acquaintance lives here.

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Channelling Creativity

Mon. 26/03/12

I was part of a Royal Society working group producing the report “Brainwaves - Neuroscience and implications for education and lifelong learning”.

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