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Annette Smith took up the post of Chief Executive at ASE in March 2009 (read Annette's full bio). Her blog features discussions on the latest professional issues for science teachers, event reviews and science education policy. 

Take flight

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Wed. 12/02/14

An inspiring blog by author and primary science specialist, Max de Boo, on how teachers can inspire others in teaching to take flight.

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ASE and the new National Curriculum

Thu. 08/03/12

As a CEO, I am required to be a strategist and the important point for ASE’s strategy and our actions over the next few months is that there will be curriculum change in England.

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Using twitter to gauge people's views

Wed. 01/02/12

On consultations and the Education Select Committee taking to twitter.

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On the Review of the National Curriculum

Tue. 20/12/11

See the key players in the Review of the National Curriculum at the ASE Annual Conference in January.

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A new ASE strategy

Mon. 24/10/11

Contribute your ideas for the ASE's strategy for the next five years.

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Taking risks with science education

Fri. 23/09/11

It is clear that the decision to take risk is highly subjective.
I mused on the subject of risk while away in Italy this Summer.

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An authentic voice

Mon. 04/07/11

I went this week to give evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology about practical science in the auspicious surroundings of the Thatcher Room in Portcullis House.

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Initial Teacher Education and subject teaching associations

Mon. 23/05/11

As the picture develops, what would truly excellent teacher education look like in the UK? What constructive suggestions can we make to government?

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After the call – life at ASE post the National Curriculum review call for evidence

Mon. 18/04/11

The responses to the National Curriculum review call for evidence have been submitted, on time and to a very high standard.

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Encouraging the heart

Mon. 21/03/11

How can a pot pourri of lectures about new science, good practice workshops, policy discussions and high profile speakers alongside an exhibition and a bookshop provide high quality CPD? My answer, with the experience of being a consumer for a few days, is that the heart was definitely encouraged. That was what the US science teachers were getting from the NSTA conference, that’s what we’ll continue to do with ours.

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How will I measure impact?

Mon. 17/01/11

Impact is a buzz word for charities at present and at ASE we haven’t really taken advantage of a good look at the changes we have made over the years. This came to mind when one of my co-authors on the “history of ASE” book that is currently being written asked me if there was any documentation that would indicate which changes in science education over the past fifty years resulted from ASE activity alone.

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