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ASE after the Election

14 June 2010

After a hectic few days, we now have government in place and we’re starting to get a picture of which politician will be in charge of which department. And I’m getting a taste for blogging (although my tweeting is under development). To explain to readers who may not have picked this up before, this is a foretaste of the CEO’s blog that will appear on the new ASE website in the summer.

On the political front, looking for MPs with science or education credentials has become a more difficult task.  It has been suggested that those of us in the science community engage with our own MPs to help them to become more science (and science education) aware, and better informed.  This seems a good idea to me, but I’d be interested to hear your views. My MP has made commendable green efforts, so I think I have a point of contact, so we’ll see how that goes.

I'm writing this on the return journey having visited the ASE region committee meeting in the West Midlands, in Wolverhampton to be precise. I have been visiting the regions as much as possible since I took up this post and I can report a dedicated group of teachers, teacher advisers, tutors and technicians planning an engaging programme of activity looking at science education through a variety of lenses. The West Midlands Region is looking forward to posting some information about themselves and their special interests on their own pages of the new website, and they like the idea of a science education chatroom. Again, do let me know if you agree.

Finally, what am I looking forward to, now that we know that Michael Gove will head up education in the Coalition government?  I am anticipating plenty of engagement with the new teams and the end of purdah, which has held up progress with some exciting ideas. More of this soon. 

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