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ASE and the General Election

1 May 2010

In the last blog,  I suggested some activities for ASE members and others engaged in science education ahead of the forthcoming General Election.  I now have some further suggestions – which will be useful whichever way the country decides on May 6th.

Our members are unique in being interested in all things educational, and also having a considerable interest in science policy.  The Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) with whom I have had several useful discussions in the run up to the election, has written to the leaders of the three largest parties and obtained responses which expand on the manifesto commitments to science policy after the election. 

They make interesting reading and can be found at – follow the link labelled “letters to the political leaders”.  If you feel inclined, you could then follow up how the new government sticks to its promises.

Let me also recommend that if you have an interest in primary science education and the early years, you look at the press release from the Cambridge Review of primary education.  There is much of interest in the review, and Robin Alexander and the team that gathered it are determined to keep the conversation alive. 

Given that there are promises around to release the grip on the primary phase, this review will be both useful and influential in the months ahead. It can be found at

And finally, do make space in your diary for the ASE Annual Conference in January.  We will have many engaging events and our huge exhibition – and we’ll be inviting the influential politicians from the new government to talk to you about the emerging landscape for primary, GCSEs, Diplomas, practical science and all the rest of our common obsessions.

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