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Africa's farmers face failed seasons

Tue. 02/09/14

African farmers face 'failed seasons' risk as a result of being overwhelmed by climate change, warns a status report on the continent's agriculture.

VIDEO: Is it easy for politicians being green?

Tue. 02/09/14

David Cameron may have made himself a hostage to fortune when pledging to lead the greenest government ever in 2010.

Does limiting the power of appliances save energy?

Tue. 02/09/14

Would banning high-power appliances actually save energy?

Sentinel system pictures Napa quake

Tue. 02/09/14

First report from Europe's new quake-watcher

Russian sex geckos die in orbit

Tue. 02/09/14

Five gecko lizards sent into orbit on a Russian space satellite as part of a sex experiment have all died, the Russian space agency says.

How corals stir up their world

Tue. 02/09/14

Corals stir up the water, creating vortices that draw in nutrients and drive away waste, research reveals.

Action films 'may make you fat'

Tue. 02/09/14

Watching action films could make you more likely than other TV programmes to pile on the pounds, according to US researchers.

Water voles end 20-year absence

Tue. 02/09/14

Water voles end 20-year absence in Scottish Highlands

Vacuum cleaner debate hots up

Tue. 02/09/14

Don't get suckered, Mr Vacuum Cleaner tells people trying to beat new EU rules.

Cave yields Neanderthal 'artwork'

Mon. 01/09/14

An engraving found at a cave in Gibraltar may be the most compelling evidence yet for Neanderthal art.

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