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Robot could load up dishwasher

Fri. 12/09/14

A robot unveiled today at the British Science Festival will be loading dishwashers next year, its developers claim.

Squeezing out water to save the future

Fri. 12/09/14

The business of saving water for all of our futures

'Giant swimming dinosaur' unearthed

Thu. 11/09/14

A giant fossil, unearthed in the Sahara desert, has given scientists an unprecedented look at Spinosaurus - the largest-known carnivorous dinosaur.

Rosetta comet chaser takes 'selfie'

Thu. 11/09/14

The Rosetta spacecraft has sent a hauntingly beautiful picture of itself from deep space.

Consumers driving 'shock' tree loss

Thu. 11/09/14

Around five football fields of tropical forest have been illegally cleared every minute between 2000 and 2012 according to a new report.

How do you stop lava?

Thu. 11/09/14

Can human engineering stop the flow of volcanic lava?

China boy finds 3,000-year-old sword

Tue. 09/09/14

Archaeologists date the weapon to the Shang or Zhou dynasties - the dawn of Chinese civilisation.

China's Island Factory

Tue. 09/09/14

China makes new territory in the South China Sea

Selfie science: taking perfect pics

Sat. 06/09/14

Tips and tricks on taking the perfect photo

Blue whale numbers bounce back

Fri. 05/09/14

Researchers believe that California blue whales have recovered in numbers and the population has returned to sustainable levels.

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