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Beef's greater environment burden

Mon. 21/07/14

A new study says the production of beef is around 10 times more damaging to the environment than any other form of livestock.

VIDEO: Drones homing in on wildlife poachers

Mon. 21/07/14

Civilian drones are being tested across Africa's game reserves in a hi-tech battle with poachers threatening the continent's wildlife tourism industry.

Seals 'feed' at offshore wind farms

Mon. 21/07/14

Some seals prefer to forage for food at offshore wind farms, UK study suggests.

Secret of sandstone shapes revealed

Mon. 21/07/14

Geologists discover that the stress applied by gravity is what controls the shape of dramatic sandstone landmarks.

Climate change shuttle diplomacy

Mon. 21/07/14

UK Climate Secretary travels the world for emissions deal

Aids researchers on crashed plane

Sat. 19/07/14

At least six passengers on the Malaysia Airlines plane were heading to a major international Aids conference in Australia.

The virus detective who discovered Ebola

Fri. 18/07/14

The young medic who found the deadly Ebola bug

Four-winged dinosaur found in China

Wed. 16/07/14

The largest ever four-winged dinosaur has been discovered in China, with remarkably long feathers on its hindwings and tail.

Nokia's N8 smartphone on show

Tue. 14/09/10

Rory Cellan-Jones gets a run-through of the new touchscreen mobile at Nokia World in London.

Halo Reach game fans queue

Tue. 14/09/10

Stores across the world have been opening at midnight to give gamers the chance to buy the last game in the Halo series from Bungie.

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