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A shark cull divides a nation

Thu. 10/04/14

Is a shark cull the right way to deal with attacks on humans?

Between the covers of Evelyn's Sylva

Wed. 09/04/14

The 1664 book that changed the landscape of Britain

Bamboo back in business for Taiwan

Wed. 09/04/14

How Taiwan successfully regrew its bamboo industry

AUDIO: Britain's first cloned dog is born

Wed. 09/04/14

Britain's first cloned dog has been born after her owner won a competition offering the procedure for free.

Nokia's N8 smartphone on show

Tue. 14/09/10

Rory Cellan-Jones gets a run-through of the new touchscreen mobile at Nokia World in London.

Halo Reach game fans queue

Tue. 14/09/10

Stores across the world have been opening at midnight to give gamers the chance to buy the last game in the Halo series from Bungie.

Who will win Thai 3G licences?

Mon. 13/09/10

Thailand's much delayed auction for 3G network licences is just a week from getting under way

New generation of electric cars

Mon. 13/09/10

Prince Charles hosts eco-car show

Japan launches first GPS satellite

Sat. 11/09/10

The Japanese Space Agency (Jaxa) has launched a rocket carrying the country's first GPS satellite.

'World's first' Arabic-speaking robot

Sat. 11/09/10

The UAE University in Abu Dhabi has built the world's first fully automated, Arabic-speaking robot that can have "intelligent" conversations with humans - based on information gathered via the internet and through social networking sites.

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