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Who will win Thai 3G licences?

Mon. 13/09/10

Thailand's much delayed auction for 3G network licences is just a week from getting under way

New generation of electric cars

Mon. 13/09/10

Prince Charles hosts eco-car show

Japan launches first GPS satellite

Sat. 11/09/10

The Japanese Space Agency (Jaxa) has launched a rocket carrying the country's first GPS satellite.

'World's first' Arabic-speaking robot

Sat. 11/09/10

The UAE University in Abu Dhabi has built the world's first fully automated, Arabic-speaking robot that can have "intelligent" conversations with humans - based on information gathered via the internet and through social networking sites.

Radical step for Nokia

Fri. 10/09/10

Stephen Elop has been appointed as the new chief executive of Nokia

How art galleries embrace new media

Thu. 09/09/10

Americans who use electronic media to engage with art are three times more likely to go to a gallery, theater or concert than those who never go online, a survey suggests.

Can mobiles deliver true surround sound?

Thu. 09/09/10

Spencer Kelly tests out the latest Nokia N8 mobile and Philips GoGear Connect media player.

Google's new web search changes

Wed. 08/09/10

Google launches a system for web links to appear and refresh as soon as characters are typed

Clamshell PCs join crowded market

Wed. 08/09/10

Marc Cieslak takes a look at the new tablet and clamshell computers taking on the Apple iPad at this year's IFA technology conference.

What makes a good dancer?

Wed. 08/09/10

Scientists at Northumbria University say they have carried out the first rigorous scientific analysis of dance moves that make men attractive to women.

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