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How art galleries embrace new media

Thu. 09/09/10

Americans who use electronic media to engage with art are three times more likely to go to a gallery, theater or concert than those who never go online, a survey suggests.

Can mobiles deliver true surround sound?

Thu. 09/09/10

Spencer Kelly tests out the latest Nokia N8 mobile and Philips GoGear Connect media player.

Google's new web search changes

Wed. 08/09/10

Google launches a system for web links to appear and refresh as soon as characters are typed

Clamshell PCs join crowded market

Wed. 08/09/10

Marc Cieslak takes a look at the new tablet and clamshell computers taking on the Apple iPad at this year's IFA technology conference.

What makes a good dancer?

Wed. 08/09/10

Scientists at Northumbria University say they have carried out the first rigorous scientific analysis of dance moves that make men attractive to women.

India cashes in on smartphone apps

Tue. 07/09/10

As smart phones become more popular across India, the demand for apps is growing.

Manx on the moon?

Tue. 07/09/10

Astronomer Dr David Whitehouse and Tim Craine discuss why the Isle of Man is interested in space exploration.

Extinctions 'on increase' says UN

Mon. 10/05/10

Plants and animals are becoming extinct at a rate one thousand times faster than expected, according to a new report for the United Nations.

Hotel guests cycle for supper

Wed. 05/05/10

A hotel in Copenhagen is offering guests the chance to earn a free meal if they are willing to put some effort into powering the building.

Fears for shore birds after spill

Tue. 04/05/10

Wildlife expert Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, discusses his fears for shore birds in the Louisiana Wetlands, following the oil spill in the Gulf Coast.

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