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Manx on the moon?

Tue. 07/09/10

Astronomer Dr David Whitehouse and Tim Craine discuss why the Isle of Man is interested in space exploration.

Extinctions 'on increase' says UN

Mon. 10/05/10

Plants and animals are becoming extinct at a rate one thousand times faster than expected, according to a new report for the United Nations.

Hotel guests cycle for supper

Wed. 05/05/10

A hotel in Copenhagen is offering guests the chance to earn a free meal if they are willing to put some effort into powering the building.

Fears for shore birds after spill

Tue. 04/05/10

Wildlife expert Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, discusses his fears for shore birds in the Louisiana Wetlands, following the oil spill in the Gulf Coast.

Heli-skiers cause flurry in Alps

Mon. 03/05/10

As the snow begins to melt in the Alps, some skiers are finding novel ways to get up to the slopes that chair lifts and cable cars cannot reach.

Volcanic ash fact-finding mission

Sun. 02/05/10

A German research plane has taken to the skies above Iceland in order to measure the amount of ash still in the atmosphere following the volcanic eruption that grounded air traffic in Europe.

Leaders' digital generation debate

Thu. 29/04/10

The leaders of the three main parties at Westminster have been pitted against each other in a debate broadcast on YouTube and Facebook.

Baby gorillas airlifted in DR Congo

Thu. 29/04/10

Four baby gorillas have been flown to a new home by UN peacekeepers who feared for their safety in a DR Congo conflict zone.

How to rescue a stranded whale

Fri. 23/04/10

Nick Higham met a two-tonne inflatable whale to find out how volunteers go about rescuing stranded sea creatures.

Nokia losing out in high tech market

Thu. 22/04/10

Nokia shares dived 14 per cent today after the world's biggest mobile phone-maker posted disappointing results and cut its forecasts.

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