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Nokia losing out in high tech market

Thu. 22/04/10

Nokia shares dived 14 per cent today after the world's biggest mobile phone-maker posted disappointing results and cut its forecasts.

Nasa's jumbo eye in the sky

Thu. 22/04/10

Nasa has unveiled a giant telescope for infrared astronomy mounted inside a jumbo jet called Sofia.

Nasa telescope's new Sun images

Wed. 21/04/10

Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory has captured astonishing new images of huge explosions and looping gases on the Sun.

Clever crows can use three tools

Wed. 21/04/10

New Caledonian crows can use three tools in succession in order to attain a treat, scientists say.

'Brain games' fail to boost IQ

Tue. 20/04/10

New research suggests that brain training computer games do not make you smarter.

Obama outlines Nasa Mars mission

Thu. 15/04/10

US President Barack Obama has outlined his commitment to Nasa, pledging to increase its budget and saying he expects manned missions to Mars.

Climategate scientists cleared

Wed. 14/04/10

The second of three reviews into hacked climate research emails from the University of East Anglia has found the scientists at the centre of the row did not behave dishonestly

Rutland launches DIY broadband

Wed. 14/04/10

Residents in a village in Rutland have clubbed together to install their own high speed broadband after getting fed up of waiting for large companies to provide the service.

Astronauts play music in space

Tue. 13/04/10

Japanese astronauts Naoko Yamazaki and Soichi Noguchi have given a short musical performance from on board the International Space Station.

Bid to reinstate Greenfield fails

Tue. 13/04/10

The Royal Institution's Chris Rofe has given a statement regarding a failed vote by supporters of Lady Susan Greenfield.

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