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CEO Report

CEO Report

Here is a brief overview of the past month’s activity at ASE’s Headquarters, including some of the major interactions, as compiled by the CEO Annette Smith. 

In July, the Registration Board met to decide on the latest round of professional status applications. There were additional Chartered Science Teacher, Registered Scientist and Registered Science Technician applications after the close of nominations, and a further steady stream since then. We now have in place a system to send through Fast Track applications fortnightly, so members who meet the criteria for registration don’t have to wait for the next board meeting. RSciTech has also been promoted at the two large technicians conferences and been enthusiastically received.

ASE’s Council met for the final time this year, and said goodbye to Richard Needham as he stepped down as Chair. The council elections were held and their new membership for 2012/13 can be seen on the website’s About ASE section. Council has approved the proposals for ASE’s committees and regions and these proposals will now go out for final discussion periods.


During the month, I attended the UK’s live transmission of the latest results from the Large Hadron Collider. DfE held a feedback session for the draft Programmes of Study for the primary science National Curriculum, to which I and ASE’s Director of Curriculum Innovation Marianne Cutler were invited. The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition Soiree was attended by several ASE representatives and I also attended the Royal Society of Chemistry’s summer event at the Royal Academy. Finally, I also contributed to a discussion at the British Science Association on the future of the National Science and Engineering Competition and the Pearson Science and Mathematics panel.

Don't miss the next Primary Science issue

Don't miss the next Primary Science issue

Don’t miss the next issue of Primary Science due out in September. There will be plenty of top tips to take your science teaching to the next level in the new year. Articles include a look at how maths and science are intrinsically linked, with examples from the wonders of the universe, to the length of a bats' tongues! 

There will also be a response to a letter about the state of science in primary schools and funding providers will share their criteria, providing a handy summary of the information you need to fund your latest project.

ASE Chat

ASE Chat

If you have missed a session of the weekly online discussion group #asechat, you can catch up with our online archives and summaries.

These are the latest topics discussed:

What is your favourite science demonstration?

What are your top tips for teaching maths in science?

What are your favourite extra-curricular science activities?

How do you teach energy?

Taking part in #asechat is easy, so why not give it a try and find out how being part of this lively online community of people passionate about science education can benefit you.

Support the ASE's 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Support the ASE's 50th Anniversary Celebrations

The ASE is turning 50 next year and to mark the occasion there will be a host of celebratory activities.

To help us make these exciting plans a reality, we recently launched the ASE Anniversary Appeal, inviting supporters to help us redouble our efforts to influence and lead the future of science education.

Our latest endeavour to support the plans, is our new Donate facility, which makes giving to the ASE easier than ever!

Schoolscience picks the latest resources and news

Schoolscience picks the latest resources and news

As always, ASE's learning resource website has plenty of ideas you can use to make the most of your science lessons.

  • As A-level results are out, the decision to go to university may be a simple one for some, but for others it is a complex choice that requires a lot of thought. The Economic and Social Research Council has produced a series of papers, useful for debating Why go to university?
  • Schoolscience also acts as a handy round up of science and education news. Find out about new research funded by Cancer Research UK and the Medical Research Council (MRC).

ASE News

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Join the professionals

I think my title comes from an advertisement from many years ago to join the military.

ASE News

More news articles
New RSci, RSciTech and CSciTeach awarded

New RSci, RSciTech and CSciTeach awarded

17 Jul 2012

Congratulations to the latest ASE members to gain professional status!

New project investigates school science practical work

New project investigates school science practical work

20 Jul 2012

A unique school science project is being launched this month to investigate how primary and secondary schools in England resource practical work and the impact this has on teaching and learning.

Position statement: O-level style exams and National Curriculum

Position statement: O-level style exams and National Curriculum

22 Jun 2012

We believe that all pupils of secondary age are entitled to a challenging and engaging education in science to enable them to become confident and productive citizens in an increasingly scientific and technical world.

ASE on formal teaching qualifications

ASE on formal teaching qualifications

01 Aug 2012

The ASE is concerned by Michael Gove’s recent announcement that academies will be able to employ people with no formal teaching qualifications.

ASE comments on primary science Programme of Study

ASE comments on primary science Programme of Study

08 Aug 2012

The SCORE member organisations, including ASE, have provided a response to the Department for Education on the draft primary science Programme of Study.

ASE Events

More events articles

20 Aug 2012 - 22 Aug 2012
ATSE Annual Summer Conference 2012

Location : ASE headquarters, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

'Professional Development in Science Education' is this year's theme.

22 Aug 2012
York TweetUp #YorkTU

Location : York

The event will be based around a TeachMeet at the University of York during the day. The evening will be an opportunity to socialise and have fun, something we scientists are good at!

03 Sep 2012 - 06 Sep 2012
Photon 12: Institute of Physics' premier event in optics and photonics

Location : Durham University

An umbrella conference series including plenary lectures, tutorials and summer schools.

04 Sep 2012
Energising Minds Through Thinking Skills in Science Education – a Neurological Perspective

Location : Fraser Nobel Lecture theatre 2, University of Aberdeen

As an invited speaker at the British Science Festival John Crossland will give a presentation on the relevance of current research in neuroscience to classroom practice.

08 Sep 2012
Science in the Quad

Location : Robert Gordon’s College, Schoolhill, Aberdeen Time: 10am to 4pm.

As part of the British Science Festival, the Institute of Physics, with support from Robert Gordon’s College and the Association for Science Education, is organising a day of science activities for the public.

17 Sep 2012 - 21 Sep 2012
Science Made Simple

Location : Various Schools

Science Made Simple, an award winning science communication company, is delighted to announce a tour week of heavily subsidised engineering show days in your area thanks to funding from theInstitution of Engineering and Technology.

18 Sep 2012 - 19 Sep 2012
Bring Science to Life: CSI Forensics

Location : National Science Learning Centre

A unique opportunity for science teachers and technicians who support forensics to work with highly experienced Crime Scene Officers and develop skills by examining scenes based on real crimes.

24 Sep 2012
Starting out with Psychology Teaching and Learning

Location : National Science Learning Centre Time: 11am - 4pm

This two-part course builds a secure foundation for those with little experience of teaching psychology, providing participants with the opportunities to practise effective classroom strategies for learning concepts and approaches.

26 Sep 2012
ASE West Yorkshire Teach Meet

Location : Honley High School Time: 5pm – 6.20pm

An informal and enjoyable gathering of those curious about teaching and learning.

01 Oct 2012
Science and the Creative Arts

Location : National Science Learning Centre

Explore a range of exciting creative art forms with science as a central theme.

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