The Association for Science Education

Application Criteria


The five application criteria for CSciTeach are:

  1. Individual membership of ASE
  2. Academic qualifications or equivalent:
    a) Honours level qualification in which there is a minimum of 50% of course content in science. Those with a degree either without honours, or with less than 50% course content in science, are required to have at least six years relevant and demonstrable experience
    b) Masters-level qualification in pedagogy / education or equivalent through demonstrable experience 
    If you do not meet criteria 2 a) and b), you will normally need ten years relevant and demonstrable experience instead.
  3. Experience of science teaching and learning:
    • A minimum of four years experience of teaching science following Qualified  Teacher Status (QTS) or equivalent, of which two should involve an appropriate level of responsibility.
    • For teachers in the independent sector, overseas, or those working in other settings, who do not have QTS, you will normally need six years relevant and demonstrable experience 
  4. Completion of a Professional Review that provides evidence of your professional expertise and competence in relation to:
    a)  professional knowledge and understanding which provides the underpinning base for practice
    b) professional practice which relates specifically to the development of effective teaching and learning strategies, including those which contribute to enhancing the quality of the educational experience of students and to the wider professional context of science education, and
    c) professional attributes which are the overarching principles that characterise professional autonomy and relate to self-evaluation, collegial activity, personal responsibility and leadership.
  5. In addition, Chartered Science Teachers will:
    • be expected to demonstrate work with colleagues and others in developing science education beyond the classroom or laboratory
    • work within the professional code of conduct for Chartered Science Teachers;and
    • be able to demonstrate their commitment to continually maintaining and updating their professional expertise and competence on an annual basis.