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Apply for CSciTeach

Download the application form and once completed, send it by email to attaching your certificates (compulsory). Your application will be reviewed at the next appropriate Registration Board. You may be asked for additional evidence or clarification at any stage in the application process.

If you need any help with your application, including informal feedback on your draft application, please contact the CSciTeach Registrar at ASE.


  • The Registration Board meet on  3rd October 2015 and therefore the deadline for applications to be considered will be 21st September 2015
  • The following Board meeting with be on 27th February 2016 and therefore the deadline for applications to be considered will be 15th February 2016.

The application form is available as a word document from the link below, together with further guidance.It is probably easier to complete the form as a word document and email it to

Paying online

You can send a cheque for £95 with your application form or use the link below to pay for this online. The renewal charge of £25 applies 12 months AFTER the award of CSciTeach and appears as a "charge" against your record at the point of renewal. 

click here to pay your initial Application Fee. 

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