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Benefits of CSciTeach

I am very chuffed at having been awarded my CSciTeach. Combining all the evidence of what I have been doing in one place gave me quite a boost and is a real incentive to maintain an active CPD life too.
-Nicola Wilberforce, CSciTeach

The designation of CSciTeach benefits all those concerned with science teaching as a profession. It raises the profile of science teaching and learning. For individuals, it also provides recognition of their expertise and commitment. CSciTeach is of value to:

  • Individuals, setting them at the forefront of their profession
  • Employers, who can be confident via CSciTeach of the quality of a prospective employee
  • Government departments seeking to appoint advisers or consultants, which can be assured about the professional practice of an applicant
  • Regulatory Authorities, which can be confident in specifying the designation in Acts of Parliament and regulations
  • Parents, governors and other members of society who can be more confident in the competence of an individual

Once you have been awarded CSciTeach we encourage you to use your post-nominal wherever possible to raise the status of the award.

As part of your ongoing commitment to CPD you may like to network with other Chartered Science Teachers at our Annual Conference, mentor potential applicants or sit on the Registration Board and review applications. We will invite you to get involved.

Additional Benefit of CSciTeach  From Apri 2012, those with CSciTeach will be able to claim an additional personal discount of 10% on most ASE books  over and above the existing discounts for members.

To claim these discounts, please PHONE or FAX ASE directly, as these offers are NOT AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE.

Further benefits and opportunities will be added for Chartered Science teachers from time to time in recognition that this is the gold standard for teachers and other educators. We will also be seeking the views of our chartered members as a whole.


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