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Full RSciTech Application

This is the full application form for RSciTech.

The cost of RSciTech via this method is £35. (This is a benefit of ASE Membership). In subsequent years a renewal fee for RSciTech of £20 will be added to your membership renewal fee..

The sections are labelled G1-G8 and the areas are similar to that required by Chartered applicants. However, G3 and G4 do not apply, so are omitted from this applcation form.

The easiest way to complete this is to download the form as a word document and then using the guidance notes on the right hand portion of the form add the text required which is highlighted in bold.

  • The Registration Board meet on 4th October 2014 and therefore the deadline for applications to be considered will be 19th September 2014.


  • The following Board meeting with be on 28th February 2015 and therefore the deadline for applications to be considered will be 14th February 2015.


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