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The criteria for Registered Scientist RSci

The criteria for RSci is expressed in the following terms:


For RSci, the exemplifying educational requirement is a relevant qualification at QCF Level 5, e.g. Foundation Degrees, Diplomas of Higher Education (DipHE) or Higher National Diplomas (HND). A newly qualified teacher who has QTS status is likely to meet the criteria for the award of RSci. Candidates may also meet the requirement by a combination of work-based learning and other qualifications


The professional skills and attributes that applicants are expected to demonstrate – through a combination of knowledge and experience – are set out in five key areas. Applicants will need to demonstrate how they meet each of the following competencies:

•            Application of knowledge and understanding

•             Personal responsibility

•             Interpersonal skills

•             Professional practice

•             Professional standards

This is the full standard for RSci as published by the Science Council and is given below.

Continuing Professional Development

Licensed bodies are required to monitor the CPD of their registrants annually.

Code of Conduct

Registered Scientists will agree to be bound by the code of professional conduct of their Licensed Body as well as by the Science Council.

There are TWO routes to RSci and further details are available on the tabs on the left.

If you have an honours degree in science, 2 years experience and QTS you can apply by the Fast Track route

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Registered Scientist RSci standard This is the standard as published by the Science Council