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Big Ideas in Science

The following are made freely available as downloadable pdfs.

Working with the Big Ideas of Science Education 

Edited by Wynne Harlen

Published by the Science Education Programme (SEP) of IAP 2015

The purpose of this publication is to update the discussion and conclusions about the essential understanding in science that all students should acquire during the compulsory years of school. It follows five years after Principles and Big Ideas of Science Education was written in response to concerns that many students did not find their science education interesting or see it as relevant to their lives. This publications sets out the rationale for working towards big ideas and the implications of this for curriculum content, pedagogy, student assessment and teacher education.

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Principles and Big Ideas in Science Education

Edited by Wynne Harlen

Published by The Association for Science Education (ASE) 2010 

In this report, a group of scientists, engineers and science educators set out ten principles underpinning the science education of all students. They argue that students should be helped to develop ‘big ideas’ of science and about science that will enable them to understand the scientific aspects of the world around and make informed decisions about the applications of science. This publication is now widely disseminated for science educators in Europe and beyond.

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Principles and big ideas of Science Education