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Science vocabulary glossaries

ASE has become aware of a number of excellent resources developed by local authorities and other organisations aimed at helping students arriving in the UK and with English as an additional language, and their teachers.  The Cambridgeshire County Council website features an example, with a Polish glossary being provided.

We would like to be able to disseminate information which you may be aware of and would be grateful if you could email with the details of any such resources.  We will then provide a page on the ASE website for this information.

International Members Needs - We want your input

The ASE is keen to review the situation of its international members in order to help it to best meet their needs.  If you are in international member of ASE, working either outside or inside the UK, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please email with the following information:

  1. Name and nationality
  2. The country where you work (or have worked)
  3. The age group that you teach (including further and higher education)
  4. The type of school or college in which you work
  5. The sort of support that you would appreciate receiving from ASE

Thank you in advance for helping us gather this information.