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Science and Sustainability

Practical Advice on becoming a sustainable school

A handbook of sustainable schools, aimed at headteachers and bursars, but which would be valuable reading also for governing bodies and local authorities has been
sustainable development published by SCEMES Ltd.  It gives the background and objectives of `Sustainable Schools’ and lists suppliers of building and educational materials which can support sustainability. There is also information on where to apply for grants and how to do this.

To integrate sustainability into teaching and learning and also into wider school life is increasing in importance. The DfES published its Sustainable Development Action Plan 2005/2006 in 2005 and has, during Summer 2006, published a consultation paper
on Sustainable Schools.

ASE responded to the on-line consultation and its responses can be read via the following link:

Science and Sustainability

The DfES identifies 8 'doorways' to sustainability in schools: There are clear science links with several of these and this webpage will be developed as a resource for science teachers and others to use in contributing to sustainability in their schools.

Contact for more information regarding these resources. 

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