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On this page and subsequent tabs on the left hand side, you will find Safety articles published in the ASE's journals and relevant resources. The page number is included to allow you to easily locate the article within the Journal contents page.

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Journal IssuePage NumberTitle & Link
EiS Nov-98 Download Pressure vessels
EiS Apr. 95 16 Practical work with DNA
EiS Jan. 95 Download
Asthma and secondary science
SSR 274 Sep. 94 Download
Biological myths and bans
EiS Jun. 93 Download
Bovine eyeball dissection - letter
EiS Apr. 90 Download Ion-migration and electrophoresis
EiS Nov. 90 Download The dissection of bull’s eyes and BSE
SSR 247 Dec. 87 Download
Safety and the school pond
EiS Jan. 87 Download
Dyes and stains used in biology 
EiS Jun. 85 Download
Castor oil seeds
EiS Jun. 81 Download Allergy and hyper-reactivity