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Health and Safety - Chemistry

On this page and subsequent tabs on the left hand side, you will find Safety articles published in the ASE's journals and relevant resources. Page numbers are included in order to allow you to easily locate the article within the Journal content page.

Please note that some articles on this page are available solely to subscribers. Should you wish to subscribe to ASE's journals, please click here.

Journal IssuePage NumberTitle & Link
Downloadable Resource Download Flashpoints and autoignition temperatures
Downloadable Resource Download The Chemicals List table from Safety in Science Education, DfEE, as revised by the Laboratory Safeguards Committee
EiS  Jun-00 22 More sodium and water 
EiS Apr-99 Download Reacting Sodium with water 
EiS Jun. 97 Download Magnesium powder accident 
EiS Jan. 96 Download Safety fillers for pipettes
EiS Jun. 95 Download Safety fillers for pipettes 
EiS Jun. 94 Download Potassium
EiS Apr. 93 Download Ethanal(Acetaldehyde) 
EiS Sep. 92  Download Trichloromethane 
EiS  Apr. 92 Download Benzene 
EiS Nov.90  Download Oxidation of ethanol  
EiS Nov. 90 Download Carbon block fire 
EiS Jan. 90 Download Solid oxidising agents 
SSR 252 Mar. 89 Download How toxic is it ? 
EiS Jan. 87 Download Bunsen burner safety
EiS Jan. 87 Download Accident with bromine   
EiS Sep. 86 Download Explosion in a drying oven
EiS Jan. 86 Download Dangers of smelling gases 
EiS Jan. 86 Download Alcohol fires 
EiS Jun. 85 Download Explosion with lithium  
EiS Jun. 85 Download Picric acid
EiS Jun. 84 Download The preparation of chlorine
EiS Jun. 84  Download Magnesium powder 
EiS Jan. 84 Download Suspected danger in the preparation of chlorine 
EiS Apr. 84 Download Ion exchange resins: explosion risk
EiS Apr. 84 Download Anti-bumping granules 
SSR 231 Dec. 83 Download The hazards of some chemicals in biology teaching 
EiS Jun. 83 Download Cleaning combustion tubes 
SSR 224 Mar. 82 Download Accidents caused by blocked apparatus 
EiS Apr. 81 Download The’ Thermit’ Reaction 
SSR 215 Dec. 79 Download Hydrogen 
SSR 209 Jun-78 Download Precautions in the use of mercury 
SSR 209  Jun.78 Download Sulphuric acid burns 
SSR 209 Jun. 78 Download Explosions with natural gas