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Health and Safety - Legal Issues and Regulations

On this page outlines legal and regulatory safety articles published in the ASE's journals and relevant resources.

Journal IssuePage NumberTitle & Link
EiS Jun-10 22 Global harmonization of chemical classification and labelling
EiS Sept.09 27 Environment Changes in health, safety and environment law 
EiS Jun-08 24 The ‘REACH’ regulations 
EiS Jun-06 Download Changes in environmental legislation
EiS  Nov-05  27 Changes in regulations on waste disposal 
EiS Sep-00 25 Out of Court Settlements 
EiS Nov-97 Download School prosecuted - Reply from Head of Science
EiS Sep. 97 Download School prosecuted 
EiS Jun. 97  Download British and European standards of eye protection
EiS Jan. 97 Download Examining pressure vessels-further guidance 
EiS Sep. 96 Download Science teacher prosecuted  
EiS Sep. 96 Download Pressure system regulations 
EiS Jan. 94 Download Science teacher prosecuted 
EiS Jan. 87 Download Science teacher fined