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Health and Safety - Physics

Welcome to the ASE's Health and Safety - Physics Resource Section

On this page and subsequent tabs on the left hand side, you will find Safety articles published in the ASE's journals and relevant resources. The page number is included to allow you to easily search the journal contents page for the article.

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Journal IssuePage Number Title & Link
EiS Feb-04 22 Safeguard your sources
EiS Nov-99 23 Model Steam Engines 
EiS Apr. 96 23 Explosions in lead/acid batteries 
EiS Jan. 96 Download Radford labpack: The end of an era
EiS Nov. 95 Download Electrical safety
EiS Jun. 95 Download Hazardous electrical sockets 
SSR 262 Sep. 92 Download The principles of electrical safety 
EiS Nov. 91 Download Transmission line demonstration : another accident 
EiS Apr. 90 Download Use of unsleeved 13A mains plugs
EiS Jun. 89 Download Cells and batteries 
EiS Jun. 89 Download Modified television receivers
SSR 252 Mar. 89 Download Teaching electrical safety
EiS Sep. 88 Download Exploding capacitors
EiS Jan. 86 Download Model steam engines
SSR 236 Mar. 85 Download Hazards in Physics laboratories
EiS Jan. 84 Download Evacuated bell jars 
EiS Jun. 83 Download 12V immersion heaters: an explosion
EiS Jun. 83 Download Evacuated bell jars : implosion risk