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Health and Safety - Supporting practical science

Welcome to the Health and Safety - Supporting practical science section

On this page and subsequent tabs on the left hand side, you will find Safety articles published in the ASE's journals and relevant resources. Page numbers are provided to allow you to locate the article within the Journal contents page.

Please note that some articles on this page are available solely to subscribers and ASE members. Should you wish to subscribe to ASE's journals, please click here.

Journal Issue Page Number Title & Link
EiS Apr-07 20 Are laboratories with peripheral benching safe and fit for purpose?
EiS Jun-05 28 Employment of pupils in school science laboratories
EiS Sep-04 20 Class size in secondary schools
EiS Sep-04 20 Teachers lacking experience of practical science
EiS Jun-04 22 Health and safety training for teacher assistants working in secondary schools
SSR 306 Sep-02 33 Managing health and safety in science departments
EiS Feb-02 20 Safe Science teaching to children with special educational needs
SSR 296 Mar-00 37 Teaching Science to Pupils with Special needs
EiS Feb-00 23 Security of Chemicals
EiS Nov-96 Download Safety and class size
EiS Sep. 96 Download Reducing eye injuries
EiS Sep. 96 Download Treatment of chemicals in the eye
EiS Apr. 96 23 Peanut allergy
SSR 277 Jun. 95 Download How Safe is your Science Department ? A managers checklist
EiS Jun. 95 Download Chemicals in the eye
SSR 254 Sep. 89 Download Science Department safety Policies 
EiS Jun. 89 Download Explosions caused by leaking gas fittings
EiS Apr. 89 Download Flammable jumpers
EiS Nov. 88 Download Gas cylinder regulators
SSR 250 Sep. 88 Download Safety in out-of-school science
EiS Apr. 88 Download Hazards of modern hair styles
EiS Apr. 85 Download Incubators and ovens
EiS Jun. 81 Download Accidents in School Laboratories: A report of an investigation
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