The Association for Science Education

About the project

SAW - WindmillOver the last twenty years, many thousands of school students from 150 countries have been ‘exploring science locally and exchanging their insights globally’ in many languages from French to Farsi.

At first the exchanges were by post, then increasingly by fax, email and finally via the Science across the World website as communications technology developed. That website has now closed down.

Teachers have found better ways of communicating with the help of social networking sites and virtual learning environments (VLEs). In these ways, schools are increasingly using our topics to communicate directly with their own networks of schools in other countries. We know that there are still active schools making use of the topics and exchanging ideas and information. 

From the start, the programme has been supported by a team of volunteer country coordinators. Team members continue to promote our programme with enthusiasm today.

Science across the World has gained global recognition through major international awards - Global Best Award for Business-Education Partnerships in 1996 and 2000 and European Award for Languages in 2004 - and through an excellent partnership of The Association for Science Education (ASE) with world renowned companies of BP and GSK.