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Finding exchange partners

SAW photoYou need to find some contact schools to exchange ideas with before you start on a topic with a class.

Some teachers who have been involved year after year have built up regular contacts and this helps them to be more confident that they will have successful exchanges.

Members of the Science across the World team are helping teachers to explore new ways to exchange taking advantage of social networking sites and internet tools designed to aid collaboration.

  • Your school may already have international contacts – such as those established for language learning.
  • You can contact some enthusiasts by joining the Science across the World Facebook Group  – so long as you have registered with the web site. 
  • You can make contacts with other schools through Factworld 
  • Schools in Europe can take part in eTwinning 
  • Use the English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme – ELTeCS 

There is a forum specially designed for 'Science Across the World' (SAW) under the 'Project schools' in the closed forum site of SP3ACEMAN. All are welcome to share learning experience and post resources. When you register and click 'Science Across the World' (SAW), you have the access to the account specially designed for the group. You can download guidance on how register from the bottom of this web page.

Please let us have your suggestions for good ways to find Exchange partners. Send you suggestions to the Science across the World at We will add your ideas to this page.

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