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Methods of exchanging

car sawThe Exchange Form can be the starting point. It has the advantage that it sets an agenda for discussion which means that the information from all schools is more or less comparable. However, schools are increasingly being more flexible as they move to new technologies.

Methods of exchanging

The simplest way of working with other schools is to send the Exchange Forms by e-mail. However, it can be very difficult to make sure that everyone sends and receives Exchange forms at the right time.

Another approach is to post your findings about a topic on a web site where you can find the results from other schools. There are two web sites where you can already find sample information: Factworld and Boxnet.

Some schools have set up groups for exchanging within their virtual learning environment (such as Moodle, Fronter or Blackboard). You can create your own group or join another one by invitation.

Other possibilities include presenting findings as: a poster on Glogster EDU which is for teachers, a presentation on Prezi, a video as part of a vimeo group or on qik.

Another way of adding sharing your students’ findings on a Science Across the World topic is to set up a web site to describe the work on a topic. You can then set up a link to the site from Factworld or Boxnet. 

Adding more to the exchanges

Your contacts with other schools can be much more interesting if you add to the findings from your topic.

Students enjoy receiving extra information about exchange partners. Consider sending information about your school, your local community as well as other details of general interest. A richer exchange, with pictures of students can form the basis for fruitful, longer-term links/projects and partnerships between schools.

British Council Support for links involving UK schools

Any UK school that wants set up exchanges for a Science across the World topic can contact and the British Council will help to find partners for them, probably in India,Turkey, Germany - or they can specify a country if they have a preference.

Any two or more schools who want to exchange work online (including uploading, safe webspace for photos etc, mini forum and chatroom just for them) please ask