The Association for Science Education

Taking part

roller sawEvery topic involves an exchange of findings and ideas between groups of students. Working as a class, students carry out a range of activities to gather information and to develop their ideas and opinions.

Before starting work with a class you need to choose a topic and decide how you are going to carry out your exchanges with other schools.  

Once you have agreed on a topic, you download the student pages and teacher guidance for your chosen topic from the Science across the World collection in the eLibrary of the UK National STEM Centre. Some files are in pdf format while others are Word files.You print out the files and make copies of the student pages. Then students work though the suggested series of tasks.

Originally everyone used an Exchange Form to share their findings. This helped to set an agenda. It made sure that everyone was exploring the same ideas which helped with the discussion at the end. The topics still include Exchange Forms but with modern methods of communication it is not necessary to use them. Even so they can be helpful in giving students a structure to their work. In the end, your students share their results with other schools. Then they discuss the similarities and differences between their findings and those reported from schools in other parts of the world.