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SAW Biodiversity

The topics are freely available from the eLibrary of the UK National STEM Centre in York.
All the topics have been devised by international groups of teachers. The topics are written in English, trialled and then translated into other languages by team members.
Some topics also include information pages. Some of the information is now rather old. A good starter activity for your students can be to update the information from web sites and other sources.

Topics for younger students

Three topics have been written for younger students in primary schools or the junior years of secondary schools, mostly covering students aged 8–12. The titles are:

Topics for older students

The topics in this collection were written for students in secondary schools aged 12 – 17. Topics more suitable for younger students deal with issues that are close to the family, home and local environment. Topics for older students generally take a wider perspective and tackle regional or global issues. The titles are:topics -saw

There are also topics about Renewable Energy and Climate Change but these have not yet been published in the eLibrary.