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Science upd8

Primary upd8

Primary upd8 can help you deliver working scientifically and support your literacy and numeracy work through a series of high-quality, engaging science activities for 5 to 11 year olds. Each activity comes as an editable PowerPoint presentation using a current event or an everyday life context to help make your science lessons more enjoyable and engage young people.  New activities are added regularly to the website during term time.

Primary upd8 is included free with ASE Primary e-membership (£81+VAT) or subscribe to Primary upd8 (ASE members receive a 75% discount).   

Try these free activities: Looking for Ladybirds / Ladybird where is Your Home? / Harlequin Ladybird, Invader & Settler / Christmas Lights / Ricky’s Backpack / Ricky’s Shelter

Primary upd8

Upd8 Store

Make science teaching contemporary, relevant and meaningful for 11-16 students with science upd8's easy to use curriculum resources and assessments.

Visit the upd8 Store

Choose from over 200 lessons and assessments (quizzes and problems), or lessons grouped into sequences from the popular upd8 Wikid and Segue courses for Years 7, 8, and 9 (ages 12-14) from as little as £3.99. Take a look at our recently added lessons and assessments from upd8 Crucial for Year 10 (ages 14-16) too with versions for AQA A, OCR B and Edexcel. Every science lesson, whatever the topic, gets students motivated to learn. Convert their engagement into real understanding and skill development. All our resources are built from the ground up, based on the best learning research.

Try these free activities: Fake Drunk / CSI Files

upd8 is a partnership of the Centre for Science Education and Association for Science Education.