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Welcome to Sci-Tutors

This resource provides support for tutors and mentors working with primary and secondary teachers at the start of their careers - thus for everyone helping to develop the next generation of science teachers - tutors, mentors, researchers, and teachers too.

Previously, Sci-Tutors was hosted on an independent URL. However, Sci-Tutors has now been incorporated into the ASE Site and all the resources have been moved here. The tabs on the left and subsequent sub-tabs, as well as the links below, will help you find ideas that can be adapted for sessions with your students, including:

Other resources available for members of the Association of Tutors in Science Education (ATSE) include:  

To view this section or to download files there is no requirement to log on. However, you must login as a member to view the ATSE Group Forum.

This site is a cooperative venture and includes useful material and suggestions from a wide range of science education tutors. All material and all documents appearing as downloads in this section can be freely copied and amended if used for educational purposes. They must not be used for commercial gain. The author(s) and web source should be acknowledged whether used as they stand or whether adapted in any way. Use of this site implies acceptance of this agreement.

The Sci-Tutors site was constructed by science tutors to share and support our work with science teachers in training, both primary and secondary. It was part of a wider project sponsored by the TDA (Subject Support Network - SRN), to support all tutors new to teacher training.

If you would like to contribute to this resource, or would like to comment on any of the articles, please contact Keith Ross