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Science Laboratory Technicians Committee

The Changing Role of Science Technicians

Science technicians are increasingly supporting teachers and pupils directly with practical work. In this video, Richard Needham, ASE Chair, discusses this emerging trend and the positive impact it is having in schools and colleges.

About the Committee

The ASE Laboratory Technicians Committee came into being in 1978, and first met in September that year.  Many Technicians have served on the Committee during its existence.  It is made up of a Chair, Secretary and 6 Committee Members with elections being held in during the May Council each year for any vacancies that arise.

Since the Committee was first elected, it continues to be particularly concerned with supporting and helping the technician membership within ASE.  It also seeks to maintain an overview of external developments in matters concerning Laboratory Technicians in education establishments on behalf of ASE and responding as appropriate.  The Committee will also seek to promote the needs of Technician Members with Region and Section Committees such that Technicians have a voice within their Regions, and that this is reflected within the programme of activities.

The Committee continues to work closely with CLEAPSS and SSERC to provide training for Technicians as well as working to raise the profile of Laboratory Technicians within Educational Establishments in terms of an understanding of their role in the successful organisation and delivery of the curriculum.  Part of this involves co-ordinating and organising appropriate Technician programmes at the ASE Annual Meeting, and working in partnership with the National Science Learning Centre, York to organise the Annual National Technicians Conference.  The Committee also produces publications relevant to Technicians and these are published by ASE.


Meet the CommitteeRole

Jan O’Connell RSciTech

Jan is Chair of the Committee. She works in Abbotsfield School, Uxbridge, where she is the Senior Technician covering all 3 Sciences from 11 – 19. Jan is also a Member of the ASE Assembly, an assessor for RSciTech and helps to run a Network Group at CLEAPSS.


Wilson Agnew RSciTech

Wilson is Secretary of the Committee. He is the Senior Science Technician in Belfast High School, Northern Ireland.  His specialism is Physics, but works across all three Sciences.  Wilson is also an assessor for RSciTech and a Registration Board Member as well as Secretary of the Northern Ireland Technician Committee and a Member of the Northern Ireland Region Committee. 

Twitter: @Robotech51

Sue Smith RSciTech

Sue works in Manor Church of England Academy, York where she is the Senior Technician. Her specialism is Biology, but works across all three Sciences. Sue is an assessor for RSciTech and is Editor of the Prep Room page in Education In Science. 

Twitter: @susanmullineux

Simon Quinnell CSciTeach

Simon is the Senior Professional Development Leader for Technicians at the National Science Learning Centre, York. His specialism is Biology, but works across all three sciences.  He is responsible for all Technician Courses at the NSLC. Simon is an assessor for RSciTech. 

Twitter: @quinnell75
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Paul Cook RSciTech

Paul works in ARK Burlington Danes Academy, London where he is the Senior Lead Technician. His specialism is Physics, but he covers all subjects to ‘A’ – Level. Paul is a National Expert STEM Technician. 


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Phil Wilson RSciTech

Phil currently works at The British School of Brussels as Head Technician and is an ENTHUSE National Expert Technician.  He is also a previous winner of Gratnells Technician of The Year. Phil is a New Technology in Schools Advisor and a social media expert. His specialism is General Science. Phil is an assessor for RSciTech. 

Twitter: @floorphillaz
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Ann Bullen RSciTech

Ann works in Goldaming College, Surrey as a Biology Technician. Her specialism is Microbiology. 


Liz Shaw RSciTech

Liz works in Liverpool College. Her specialism is Biology, but also does Microbiology, Science Clubs and Plants. She also volunteers with the Merseyside Branch of the British Science Association and runs the local SciBar. Liz is an assessor for RSciTech. 

Twitter: @ merseysci

Jane Major

Jane is the Technician Adviser at CLEAPSS and is their representative on the Committee. She is an experienced school Science Technician and has supported all three Sciences.  You may well have met her as she travels the length and breadth of the country presenting Training Courses for Technicians.