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Science Advisers, Inspectors and Consultants (NAIGS)

NAIGSNAIGS (National Advisers and Inspectors Group for Science) is the subject group for Science Inspectors, Advisers and Consultants which is affiliated to and administered by ASE. Our role is to provide continuing updating of information and developments in science, professional development and networking opportunities for our members. We have strong links with science teachers through ASE, having co-opted membership on ASE Council. Because of the nature of our membership, NAIGS members also have close links with schools in all phases to support and advise staff on all issues relating to science education. We also liaise with Ofsted, QCDA, and the DfE, meeting with their representatives formally and informally throughout the year.  We also liaise with CLEAPSS, other subject organisations, Science Learning Centres and STEM groups. Joining ASE as a Science Advisor, Inspector, Consultant or other science improvement professional, you also become a Member of the special interest group National Advisors and Inspectors Group for Science (NAIGS).

Join the Conversation

Join the NAIGS Group and participate in the NAIGS Forum. Group pages will display documents, relevant links and news for ASE members who are interested in NAIGS. You may choose to view NAIGS group materials by clicking ASE Groups, in the My ASE box. 

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