The Association for Science Education

Trustee Body

Contact Information Position
Mrs Chris Colclough - CSciTeach Trustee -Immediate Past Chair of the Association
Mrs Suzanne Dickinson HQ Admin - minute taker
Miss Sue Flanagan For information purposes only (Q & A)
Ms Margaret Fleming Trustee representing Education Group
Mr Stephen Fyles Accountant
Ms Maggie Hannon Appointed Trustee for 2013/2015-2018
Mr Graham Kingsley For information purposes only (Q & A)
Mr Roger McCune - MBE Association Treasurer - Appointed Trustee
Mrs Linda Needham - CSciTeach Chair of the Association - Observer 2017/8
Mr Richard Needham - CSciTeach Chair of Trustee Body 2014/7 - 2020
Mr Shaun Reason CEO
Mrs Alison Redmore - CSciTeach Trustee Elected by membership 2015 - 2018
Mr Alan Rhodes For information purposes only (Q & A)
Ms Helen Roberts Appointed Trustee 2015 - 2018
Mr Pete Robinson - CSciTeach Trustee elected by Membership 2017 - 2020
Mr Pete Robinson - CSciTeach Co-opted Trustee 2016-17
Dr Dennis Sutton Q & A Observer
Mrs Mary Whitehouse - CSciTeach Chair Elect of the Association - Observer