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Region Secretaries

Contact Information Region
Mr Wilson Agnew - RSciTech
Northern Ireland
Revd Kevin Blogg - CSciTeach
Mr Tim Browett - RSci
Mr Robert Butler - CSciTeach
North & East Midlands
Ms Sheila Curtis
Mr Anthony Hardwicke
Berkshire & Oxfordshire
Mr George Hurst
West Midlands
Mrs Liz Lawrence - CSciTeach
North East London & Essex
Mrs Parvia Maxwell
North West
Mr Richard Needham - CSciTeach
Yorkshire & the Humber
Dr David Paterson
Home Counties
Mrs Lynne Rawlings - RSciTech
Southern Counties
Mrs Ann Sell
West of England
Mrs Sarah Stretton
Cymru Wales
Mrs Hellen Ward - CSciTeach
South East
Miss Colleen Wells
Surrey & Sussex