The Association for Science Education

Science and the Assembly

Date: Tuesday 6th June 2017

Time: 2:38 PM to 2:38 PM

Location : Senedd and the Pierhead, Cardiff Bay

Cost : FREE

The Royal Society of Chemistry will be holding its 13th annual Science and the Assembly at the Senedd and the Pierhead, Cardiff Bay, on Tuesday 6th June 2017, from 12.30pm to 7.30pm.


The event will be sponsored by David Rees AM, Chair of the National Assembly’s Cross-Party Group on STEMM, and supported by representatives of each of the political parties.


Organised on behalf of, and in cooperation with, the Welsh science and engineering community, Science and the Assembly is designed to foster close relations between science and the policy makers, and is a firm fixture in the National Assembly’s calendar.


The theme for this year is: Antimicrobial Resistance.