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Sheffield Hallam University directions and campus

Includes road and public transport links.

Region 4 Yorkshire and the Humber Newsletter October 2017

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Northern Conference 2017 - programme summary

Session by session details for the Northern Area Conference, Sheffield Hallam University, 11th November 2017.

Region 4 Yorkshire and the Humber Newsletter May 2017

The major event of last term was our Northern Conference – this was a great success and you can read more about it on the next page. Planning for the 2017 conference has already begun. This newsletter includes information about future events in the region, including a visit to a brewery and the annual TeachMeet in York, #YorkTU, an all-day TeachMeet in the summer holidays – it always brings in a good crowd, do join us.

Region 4 Yorkshire and the Humber Newsletter January 2017

All the latest news and events from the ASE Yorkshire and the Humber region.

ASE Northern Conference 2016 - Presentations

This conference aimed to share the latest research, resources and good practice to support and develop the best teaching and learning in science. The resources that follow have been made available with the kind permission of the presenters who retain all copyright. In partnership with STEM learning and Sheffield Institute of Education

Region 4 Yorkshire and the Humber Newsletter - September 2016

This newsletter includes information about four future events in the region. Please print out the information and display in the prep room, encouraging all your colleagues to attend.

Directions to Charles Street, Sheffield Hallam University.

Directions to the conference venue: Sheffield Institute of Education, Charles Street, Sheffield Hallam University

November 2016 Conference session summaries

Session details for the ASE Northern Area Conference at Sheffield Hallam University Institute of Education. Saturday 19th November 2016.

Yorks and Humber President's Lecture 2016

Details of the Yorks and Humberside President's Lecture.

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